The Oevering Homes Building Process

Building a new home can seem like a huge production. At Oevering Homes organization and customer service are two of our key assets. We work hard and with purpose each and every day to ensure the process runs smoothly and to keep you informed every step of the way. Watching as your home is being built is an exciting time. Where some builders discourage the buyer’s involvement in the process, we encourage it. We want you to be involved in as much of the process as you would like. Oevering Homes strives to make every Oevering home building as stress free as possible. This timeline illustrates the major events that will take place during the construction of your new home. This outline is to help you feel at ease through the process of building your Oevering home and to give you a step-by-step reference of what to expect.

Before getting started with building an Oevering home, you must get pre-approved with a lender. We understand getting pre-approval is a major step but it is a requirement before we can begin. If you don’t currently have a lender, let us assist you with a recommendation for a lender Oevering Homes has worked with and one that understands our building process and financing requirements.

1. Initial Building Consultation

The initial meeting is a time for you (and your real estate agent, if applicable) and an Oevering Homes Representative to go over your wants and needs. Everything from A-Z. We will take some time to gather information and share some suggestions as well as give you some details on locations, lots available, home plans, and some general pricing. Once we have a pretty good idea of what we want we will take this information back to our plans coordinator who will draft some options and create a proposal.

2. Proposal Meeting

This meeting is to review a proposed package which includes a house plan, lot, location and initial price. Based on the initial building consultation meeting this may be one package or we may have a couple of options for you to review.

3. Purchase Agreement

Once both Oevering Homes and you have generally agreed upon a house plan, location and base price the next step is to write the offer to purchase. A builder deposit will be required to finalize this agreement. This agreement is contingent on the buyer and seller agreeing on a blue print which will be reviewed in step 4.

4. Site Plan Meeting

During the site plan meeting, you will be meeting our project manager, our excavator, and our surveyor/engineer. This meeting’s purpose is to determine house placement, and go over any other details regarding the excavation and digging of the basement.

5. Selections Meeting

We will set-up selection meetings for you to decide on such things as appliances, bath and kitchen fixtures, phone and TV wire locations, flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, exterior options, shingles, and any special requests you may have.

6. Final Check Plan Meeting

Before the actual excavation of your home site begins, you and an Oevering Homes Representative will review the final blue print, a building schedule and conduct a lot/home-site review. Oevering Homes wants to ensure the details of your home are what you agreed upon, the schedule is in align with your expectations, and the site review assists with the placement2 of your home.

7. Walkthroughs

The walk-through’s will be scheduled for the mechanical subs at your home-site to ensure such things as electrical outlets and plumbing are located and installed to your specifications and as agreed upon.

Note: These walkthroughs are done by the subcontractor and typically do not involve you as the homeowner unless otherwise requested.

8. Home Orientation and Final Walk Through

99% of your Oevering Home has now been completed. Your Oevering Home Representative will take you through a final walk-through of your home. This is an opportunity to address any final details that need touch-ups, any items that may need seasonal scheduling (i.e. landscaping or driveway grading) and to familiarize you with the individual components of your Oevering home. We will review any routine maintenance as well as answer any questions.

9. Closing

The final process of completing your Oevering Home. We will meet with your lender and sign all necessary documents to finalize the loan transaction of your new home.

10. Move-In

Congratulations on your new Oevering home! We thank you for placing your trust in Oevering to build your home. Our dedicated team will be available to answer any questions that you may have about your warranties and help you with any maintenance needs that might come up. We wish you all the best moving in and making your house a home!

Footnote: The placement of your home, trees and any other items pertaining to placement on the lot will be made in every effort to honor your requests; however, in instances where honoring the request violates city and/or development requirements in any way we regret that we will be unable to accommodate the request. Factors that may affect this decision include, but are not limited to: drainage, set-back requirements, easements, grading, utility locations, soil conditions, etc.